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Times Bring Change... But One Thing Remains... People Are The Power!

It’s all about “Our Numbers” & One of the many ways we can serve our Nation.

We ask that you’ll take a moment to let down your guard, and think about history.  Reflect on any Nation’s history, where massive numbers of People gathered for Wars to bring New Revolutionary Change or New Civil Change. Then, reflect on America’s historic changes brought upon by massive numbers of People’s peaceful gatherings to protest or to force Political and Constitutional changes.  It doesn’t take a lot of thought to understand the meaning to the statements below.

> “WeThePeople of America when united on the framework of our Constitution… Are The Powers”
> “Money Is A Tool, that when misused, leads to its Nation’s transformational thirst for Its Independence from __(?)

One can assume that your immediate thought sided with most who believed that “Money” is power.  You didn’t give it enough thought at all.  Great, you’ve just signed up and met the most important expectation of our DC Law Makers. Although the power of money has been debated for many, many years… history doesn’t reflect or prove money to be power, it shows it to be only a tool or instrument utilized to influence changes in our beliefs, in our lives and… to gain controlling influences, or to maintain controlled influences.

What is this all about? We’re all about one thing… ThePeople gaining controlling influence over our US Congress Payroll, the DC Politicians. You’ll learn that the 27th Amendment has a unique story and it gave them Self Serving control of their financial future (We’ve provided many links referring to information we used throughout our website, although you don’t have to read it all, please visit each of these and read enough for a better understand of our purpose).

History has proven that “People Are The Power”… and when “United” as a People of one voice and one action, America have taken on many challenging adventures that have resulted in bringing changes to America’s Political Systems, to our Political Processes and transformed the overall Behaviors of its Citizenry.  America’s foundation is uniquely framed and its history is uniquely intertwined.  Americans who have taken a moment of their time to read, with just a little interest in learning, will understand their individual power and exercise their new found powers freely.

Think about all the tools, money being one, that were used historically by one person, or a few to influence others over and over again.  Now think seriously of any Nation, how in every situation it took a gathering of people “United” behind a focused cause to bring forth change and/or corrections to one single matter.  Then, think how in America, when WeThePeople unite “Peacefully” behind a cause… money can’t stop what has been framed as our Constitutional Rights.

Empires of enormous Wealth have fallen, yet its people still remained.  How will we, or… when will we fall?

It’s too simple… and it’s true. If you exercise Your Rights To Power by supporting the Repeal of the 27th Amendment of our Constitution, it will change behaviors of our US Congressional Staffers.

Before you move on, take a moment to learn with just a little interest more about us: WeThePeopleHireAndFire (Presentation 00 – Intro)

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