It’s About You!… Joining All Of Us…



We are all about finding one common ground at a time… which will bring millions and millions of us from all walks of life together for one common mission.

We all have a common base in which we can come together… such as after a disaster.  We drop our differences… Black, White, Brown, Male, Female, Rich, Poor, Believers, Non-Believers, and any form of segregation that make you feel better, it’s all dropped for the moment to aid one another.  Our shared problems make it a little easier for even the “Hardcore Haters” in need of help or to give help, and most find it hard to believe the kindness experienced. (There are millions of really good people from all walks of life, and I believe if we ask, they’ll read this and help us with this Message of Possibility. To quote Mark Herriott- 02/13/2018: “I have Faith in People”)

WeThePeopleHireandFire want to share a common cause with the vast majority of you, it’s Repealing The 27th Amendment.  Together we will simply re-educate our Politicians on how easy it is to do what they say is ‘complicated’. What is so complicated about working for your payroll?   It can be hard and for 90% of us… it’s not what we chose to do, it’s life.  Unfortunately, there are some of our Politician who made their choice to do the least amount as possible and they’ve had The 27th that allow them to do nothing.

Our employer’s expectations are… we report or clock in, we will be productive, we leave or clock out for the day, and we will show up the next business day and repeat the same.  Simple isn’t it?  Sure most of us want to have an unproductive workplace, like the Washington DC US Senators and House Representatives.

Those Politicians who made their choice to do the least amount of work as possible.  They’re sleeping on the J- O- B.  It’s not their fault, we must take responsibility for their actions. We must reverse The 27th Amendment that exempts them from their State Constitution’s Payroll Penalties… like sections written in the constitution of both Alabama, Mississippi and, (I think) the  Louisiana constitutions.

We leave you with these pondering thoughts:

Who hired them?

Who allowed unproductive behavior?

Who witnessed and complained but did nothing?

If your answer is “You, Me and Millions”… join and support WeThePeopleHireandFire.

If you’ve sat around, like many of us have… and wished you could impact the Federal Government from your home couch, bedroom, college dorm, office, and social groups… join and support the Petition.

Have your Voice Symbolized by an action, by supporting the “Penny Protest” at your local Grocery Store, learn more at Presentation: 05 – Action. Sounds ridiculous, and that is said about many Activist start ups.  (You can only imagine what the Young Civil Right Activists were told, when over half of the country was against them in the beginning. “You all are ridiculous, what do you think you’re going to change?”  “You young folks have no idea”  “Go get a job and make something of yourself”)

If not for the War of the Revolution, War for Economic &  Civil Change… if not for Civil Rights Activists, and Women Suffrage. If we’re not  for Change! No one else will be for Change!

Let this Movement be a New Revelation and Action by The Youth… with some the our past Historically techniques, along with some new Generational methods.  To know more about what it looks like, go to Presentation: 01 – The South

We need all Citizen’s support across America, and every Student supporting their “University Stadium Coin Protest” in support of Alabama’s Federal Congressional Payroll Reform” petition.  But, until then… we ask that you sign up and pass the word.

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