If what you’re learning sounds simple enough, and after considerable thought you find it to be true… it’s because you’re not making it ‘complicated’.  Some see Change as unimaginable, or unobtainable, but if you listen to learn what history has proven, you’ll understand that Change is Unsustainable and UNSTOPPABLE!  We ask that you see your history and our past history repeating itself, but it looks different.  It will require you to Live Life With Eyes Wide Open(My Grandfather says “keep your mouth closed and study People”)

History proves that when people gather things happen.  A disaster hits near home, what occurs? Neighbors & Strangers gather from all over to help. When it’s over, what occurs?  People go about their segregated ways, until the next shared disaster hits.  (segregated, politically meaning: set apart from each other, promoted by isolationist and/or promoted division by political staffers, with party aligned media and haters)

History proves that when people gather within their respective State and stand against Federal Laws things happen. Regardless of the resistance, when we believe “Yes, We Can”… we find a little more disbelief in “No, We Can’t“.  One of the best example happening today in our Lifetime is “Marijuana”.

Several Root Causes for the vast majority of our basic human behaviors may weigh heavily on our “Religious Belief”, our “Financial Gains”, our “Fears” and our “Heritage”, or when any of these are paired together.

So, Why Marijuana? (please don’t take a mental off ramp onto memory lane. lol)

Marijuana speaks to actions taken by People in our Lifetime and it demonstrates events in our Lifetime that our individual State Powers  -“Trump”Federal Influence over our lives… check out the Timeline of Cannabis laws in the United States. It doesn’t require a ‘Degree’ or “PHD” to understand Peoples Mindset and the influence on Politicians we hired into office along the timelines.  You don’t have to read all of it… just read enough to understand that our innovative nature may evolve, but our Basic Needs & Common Behaviors that we share don’t evolve (needs: food, clothing, shelter, health, safety and/or common behaviors for belonging: Beliefs, Family & Friends).

Another example in our Lifetime is “Alcohol”.  You will find that the Timeline of Alcohol laws in the United States, much like Marijuana, proves that State Powers have a devastating impact on our Federal Government’s incapability to enforce Federal laws and their incapability to prevent ThePeople from Getting Their Drink On!   So, their alternative has always been – “If We can’t beat ThePeople“… We Can Tax ThePeople!  Again, it doesn’t require you to read the entire timeline, just read enough for an understanding.

“WeThePeopleHireandFire believe that we don’t have to wait for an Election.  We simply have to gather and grow in numbers far beyond the belief of our Federal Officials imagination, to get their attention (example: President Obama & President Trumps elections). It takes Common People supporting “1” Common Cause, “1” State at a time (examples: Civil Rights, Alcohol & Marijuana – I know it’s an interesting combination, but it worked).  It takes believing that when change is needed, we will Protest for as long as it takes. The best example is the 1920 Women Suffrage, 19th Amendment of the Constitution that ended approximately 100 years of protesting. And… today her journey continues for a respected Constitutional Right & Ownership of Her Dreams. Their example is ours, to ask for your support of this Petition that stands against the actions of Self Serving US Senators & House Representatives.  When change is needed, we must believe that… Change Is Inevitable! (Inevitable political meaning: certain to happen because ThePeople demand it, and it’s unavoidable because ThePeople demand it, and ThePeople are UNSTOPPABLE!)

Here’s a little back story: When we started out, I had no idea what would be common… the initial thought was “Work” and that was all that came to mind for many years to follow.  Eventually, it was brought to my attention the other was “Payroll”.  Years past and eventually it was brought to my attention there were two Payroll systems… “Theirs” (US Congress) and “Ours” (Taxable Productivity).  After considerable thought over time, it became clearer that one was an undemanding ‘No Productivity Payroll System’. The other was based on a continuously demanding ‘Productivity Payroll System’.  We’ll leave you with the choice of which system is Theirs and which is Ours.

What you’re hearing isn’t new, isn’t different, and Not At All Complicated. What you’re learning from history, is that it is Imaginable, it is Obtainable, it is Sustainable, and We’re “UNSTOPPABLE”.  How was this made possible?  Here’s how… when our historical Behaviors changed from the results of Wars, and our historical Heritage/Legacies integrated, it changed us.  That change lead to collaborative Civil actions throughout our past by “ThePeople”.  And, today you can see these actions continue to repeat itself, it just looks different.

Now, we recognize we’re more alike than we’ve been historically lead to believe… with only “1” exception, The 27th associated with Congress Payroll.  And now, our fast track discoveries of new technologies and changing Lifestyles, has proven that change comes quickly.  And, it offers unimaginable opportunities from one unexpected vision to the next, like President Obama- The African American, and President Trump- The Political Disruptor.

Now, on the other hand… if you believe that money has more power than the “Will Of Its People”.  Then we can’t say anything that will sound right to you.  When you say “It’s complicated”“It’s worthy for a debate”… it gives Politicians a sad excuse and path to disagree in general on everything & anything to delay work.  We do ask that you provide historical proof when money, standing on its own, was Power.  “Money Will Never Over Power The Will and Actions Of Its People”

Money… simply put, is a tool of influence.  If money wasn’t the tool, Weapons would be the choice. If weapons weren’t the tool, Physical Strength would be the choice.  Just imagine the first Human Being in a group, and this human was the first to express ‘Anger’ & ‘Rage’, and the others reacted in such a way that he/she realizes the reaction and/or influence it had over others behaviors.  Now, think of a baby’s cry.  You would agree it’s a very influencing behavior using no money, no weapon, just the sound of One Voice giving a Good Parent only One Choice to immediately take actions to address the situation.  And… crying is probably a part of the root cause for some of our basic human nature (if it’s not broken, don’t fix it… use it – Petition your Law Makers & Protest 4 Change).

Politicians are influenced by one of two things: Money the Tool or People the Power.  The People have always influenced the majority of their behaviors… together we can bring Constitutional Change for Our Constitutional GainWeThePeopleHireAndFire mission is to be a One Voice, with a One Choice action at a time.  

Well, we’ve said far more than we intended… but, hopefully enough to get this Movement’s sole purpose out to everyone, and that purpose is to stop the division by accomplishing this Common Goal.  I pray we gather to push the US Congressional Payroll Reform, using a “Penny” as both a symbol of One Voice, a demand with One Choice, powered and backed by ThePeople, One State at a time. To lean more check out Presentation03- The Numbers (to avoid confusion you may want to first watch Presentation 02 – Mission).

Wow… all individual beliefs is an individual’s right framed upon the foundation of our Constitution, which is indeed another very interesting read. You don’t have to read all of it. LOL

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