Dear, Alabamians


Dear, Alabamian Neighbors…

How does someone grasp your interest in the quickest way possible? I’m not sure… I’m told most people don’t care to read much.  Those who told me, most were much younger than me, with that being said, at this point I’ve probably already reached your limit. “WAIT! Please don’t stop reading, give it a few more paragraphs.”

Did you know that the Alabama State Constitution, Section 87 reads?

         Justia > US Law > Alabama Law > Alabama Constitution > SECTION 87
         SECTION 87Deductions from salaries or compensation of public officers for neglect of duty. It shall be the duty of the legislature to regulate by law the cases in which deduction shall be made from the salaries or compensation of public officers for neglect of duty in their official capacities, and the amount of such deduction.

Reference source:

Did you know that we can inflict the same State punitive salary deductions on our Federal Congressional Officers, you know “U.S. Congress”? (Senators and House Representatives in Washington DC) “Keep reading… please”

We’re sure you can recall what the Framers did in 1787 and refused to keep their salaries in their specific States fearing it would give Citizens (you & me) too much influence (Power) over their actions.  In our world today, the actions of 1787, not only gave the US Congress authority over their financial gains, they’ve included measures that allow Lobbyists & Corporate to contribute to their enrichment schemes.  “You still with me?… just checking”

Most would agree that “2020” was “Crazy” and “Unprecedented”!  Lots of “Non-Actions” and “Drama” from all sides of the political spectrum.  It was just what they needed to distract our attention and to give them cover and concealment from actually doing their  JOB.  Don’t be fooled by the Old Guard, they’re not divided… the Old Guard from both Party Lines will protect themselves by circling their wagons to keep out those Congress Members who are “The Disruptors” to their norms.

So… why are we reaching out to you specifically?

You know our reasons; it’s the U.S. Congress Payroll Reform and the ‘1’ State at a time Strategy.  We believe most people will join this Movement.  We believe most will agree that something has to change, because we Can Not allow their abuse of privileges to continue.
Americans have to become “Feed UP!” with these Rules For Thee – But, Not For Me – Congress:

  • Government Shutdowns… tens of millions negatively impacted Financially… Congress still gets paid!
  • Pandemic Shutdowns… tens of millions negatively impacted Lives … Congress still gets paid!!
  • Congress on Recess! Stimulus Relief held hostage to their ‘Game Play & Hold Outs’… Congress Gets Paid!!
  • Small Businesses and their Staff become “Unemployed”, loss of pay… AND! Congress still gets paid!!!

Someone must be first… Why Not Alabama?!

The Amendment of 1787 that gave Congress over 200 years of ‘self served privileges’, was a deliberate and an illegal act… to bypass the Ratification Process without an “expiration date“.  If you have no issue with this, do absolutely nothing.  However; if this don’t settle well with you, and you’re willing to only do the least amount of effort required… no problem.  Please sign the Petition and pass it on to all you know.

If you want to do more than signing and sending… we ask that you start conversations and keep them going until the media and others take notice of Alabama.  But, if you’re thinking… What’s in it for me?   The answer is “Everything!!”

One can only  imagine how many times that question has kept People from doing anything.  What’s in it for me?  Listen, it’s a great question… but, when you apply it to all of the historical events that took place, Wars, Civil Actions, Protests and the many unfortunate lives lost, to bring America to where we are today.  That question seems rather Selfish, even a little Self Serving.  When we think of “what was in it for you” historically back then, and the negative use of the “What If” question, that creates fear that things should remain as it was.

When your life’s opportunities are given to you from those who knew what was in it for the future… and that they will not live to see it (Dr. Martin Luther King is one of many names that came to mind, along with countless names of warriors from all walks of life). The answer is… ‘Everything’ we have the privileges of today wouldn’t be possible.

Alabama State Constitution – Section 87 will have far more influential oversight, and we can decide that their financial future: Is No Longer What They Make It”… “It is What We Make It”.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you.

Please share this in conversations with your Neighbors, Family, Friends, and Others. We’ve done the work and provided the Federal Congressional Payroll Reform bill.  This bill can apply to other States… such as Mississippi, they have a salary deduction in their State Constitution also.  Check your State Constitution, and if there isn’t one… be a Boss and direct your State Legislature to do so.

We need enough Alabamians and millions of others across the Nation to agree with the general intent of this Movement, and the Reform Bill.

Our Mayor Woodfin and many other State and Local Politicians across the country have already heard from us. We believe, we can put Alabama on the Map 1st… when they hear from us in 1 Voice & 1 Demand.

Gary H. Scott

USMC / 2022 Real Constitutional Change 4 Constitutional Gain!… “ByThePeople!”

What has become inherent to All Americans… is our ownership of ‘The U. S. Constitution’ and ‘The Declaration of Independence’.  These documents empower each of us the Sole Powers of ThePeople, ByThePeople, ForThePeople.

Join us on Zoom… email us at, on the subject line put:

“PPE4C”  (People’s Powerful Effort4Change)

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