Gathering To Gain…


Let us not fool ourselves, if we Do Not have a Gathering… we will Not Gain Anything.  To bring attention, require a great number of people. To influence change, requires a greater number of people. To force change, requires the gathering of the greatest number of people of all times.

With the internet… and with your help, it’s simple.  Don’t underestimate your individual power and the contributing actions you can take using your Voice to speak to others, and your computer to ‘Go Viral’ with this Movement by sharing it with ‘1’ and the many people you know, it’s just that simple.

Fact or Fiction?

The Power & Will of the People brings change.

Not everyone who look back on historic events changed by People with money will believe that it was a tool of influence.  It’s all good… we have the privilege of free thoughts and it’s what Americans do.  We’re Not asking you to agree with everything.  We hope you agree that for those of us who work for our payroll, believe our US Congress Staffers should do the same.

Why should they be exempted and unproductive?

The Congressional Payroll Reform Movement can be ‘The historical Act’ of our Lifetime that brought what “appeared” to had been a broken and divided US Government, to the table to answer to its People (Truth is… they’re not broken, nor divided at all… it’s an Old School Political Game By Design and we can only blame ourselves for doing absolutely Nothing).

Now, you can join and take actions from anywhere… by recognizing and understanding the need to bring their payroll home, and sending this message to others.  This ride towards change will be interesting… let us make Congressional history in our Lifetime, ‘1’ State at a time.

Become a huge part of this, by becoming Empowered by Change, Inspired through Change, Envisioning a Change, with similar actions of the past that created our Nation from their Changes.

We hope you use this Movement as your Constitutional Right and Declaration of Independence for Change that was fought, bought and paid in full long ago, and gifted to Americans as our Inherited Heritage.

Thank You… please check out this quick Presentation: 04- Definitions & Logo

God Blessed America Long Ago… Gary H. Scott / USMC / Retired

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