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Sponsored by:            Senator J.T. Waggoner of Alabama

                                    Representative Jim Carns of Alabama

 While there were (in 1787) long deliberations over the 27th Amendment of the Constitution by the Framers pertaining to the political impact from the continuation of Congress salary being received from their respective states, they decided to pursue efforts to narrow the potential Influential Overreach of the states towards/on our Congressional Staffers, therefore; payroll was moved to the Federal Treasury, followed by amendments that supported self-ruled oversight over time.

It has become apparent that the Framers would not foresee what they acknowledged of being Constitutional duties and roles recognized as the responsibilities and accountabilities of Public Servants, being diminished to what has become Political Servitude.  The Political State Of The Union has for many years and continues to reflect the influence of Wall Street Greed, Corporate Malfeasance and Lobbyist Tradeoffs.  In today’s society, ‘We The People’ has gone through a transformation of becoming ‘Me The People’ for some long serving Veteran Politicians as a pathway to what they believe to be Self-Preservation of Power. 

We will return to The People their sole Power Of Influence as it was and have derived to be.

 Be it amended by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, and upon approval of ¾ of the States that:

Section 1. Federal Congressional Members, Senate and House, payroll compensation for serving shall have oversight by the member’s respective State Government.

Section 2. Compensation process prohibits any law that increases or decreases the salary of Federal Congress Members from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office for representatives. (In keeping compliant with part of the 27th Amendment of the Constitution)

Section 3. State Congressional Members, Senate and House, shall each draft a compensation proposal to be submitted to the Governor for review, selection and approval.  

Section 4. The compensation proposals submitted by Congress, to the Governor cannot be changed or modified by the Governor.

Section 5. Governor approved compensations shall be submitted to the Federal Treasury for processing. (In keeping compliant with part of the 27th Amendment of the Constitution)

Section 6. The Governors shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate State Legislation.

Section 7. Should State Congressional Members fail to provide compensation proposals, the Governor shall submit his own approved compensation to meet established deadlines.

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