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When you sign a Petition and join The People’s Powerful Effort 4 Change… we can determine collectively one demand at a time for our future, we can demand a productive path forward for Federal Politicians, and we can foster a renewed state of change, most of all… we can fire lazy Old School Politicians.

History has proven that when People focus on “1” single action, “1” single demand, “1” State at a time… it reflects our Power As People.  When we bring attention to returning the Federal Payroll system back to the respective States, it will bring our government back in line.  We must have a first to set the example for others to follow, we must change “Old School Behaviors” and “Old Political Practices”, by controlling what has become Their Heart & Soul“Their Payroll”.

US Congress Self Serving Empowerment of 1789

In the early creation of the Constitution, the Framers debated that if their payrolls were to remain within their respective States, it would give States too much influence and control over their actions.  The Framers took it upon themselves to moved their payrolls from their state financial institutions to the US Treasury around 1789, without enough State approvals (avoiding completion of the ratification process).  Their illegal act went virtually unchallenged for over 200 years (They’re not idiots, who would challenge an opportunity for financial wealth$?).  It was discovered in 1982 by a College Student at the University of Texas, Gregory Watson, who resurrected it and for approx. 9 years the amendment that gave Congress financial empowerment went through the process of ratification from 1983 to 1992, becoming The 27th Amendment. (To find ‘a’ Politician or ‘a’ Citizen in our lifetime… who’s not chasing their personal opportunity for a political path and future to Financial Wealth$$,“Is Not A Mission Impossible!” Once we bring enough Americans from the edges of their political mindset, together with Americans in the Center… resistance and challenges are futile.)

Now… it’s Your Time to “Undo” their Self Serving Act and return to The People what is rightfully ours by Repealing The 27th.  Here’s some interesting insight on The Kings of England, which I found relative to Today’s Kings & Queens of Congress and The 27th from the Constitution Center… which lead to the Nation’s thirst for Independence.

Here’s proven historical proof that when we focus on “1”… we not only changed the Constitution, we change “Behaviors”:

The People’ Historical Empowerments

America have overwhelming examples of actions taken By The People, For The People… with “1” single focus resulting in “1” single outcome.

>Revolutionary War/ Civil War/ Civil Rights/ Massive Protests

>13th Amendment 1789, Abolition of Slavery & Involuntary Servitude

>18th Amendment 1920, Banning Alcohol*- Prohibition

>19th Amendment 1920, Women Suffrage- 100yrs of Protests (Their struggle continues)

>21st Amendment 1933, Legalized Alcohol*- Repealing the 1920 18th Amendment (The 18th was the first Constitutional Amendment to be repealed, by the People… lets repeat this historical act, by repealing ‘Their Money Maker – The 27th’

>46 States Legalized Marijuana against the Federal Government’s Controlled Substance Act (1996 CA was the 1st, followed by Washington & Oregon being 2nd, 3rd was Maine and so on & so on… that’s right, in our Lifetime)

Here’s a quick informative video about the Constitution.

Fact? or Fiction?

Your horseplay at work… may result in the possibility of punitive action.  Not the same for the US Congress

You fail to be productive… may result in the possibility of punitive payroll action. Not the same for the US Congress

Rules for thee (The People)… result in punitive actions & mandates.  Not for “Me The People” in our US Congress (The 27th Amendment).

Why?  Simply put… but, hard to accept is that we (You, me & Millions) continue to allow it. Take a moment to learn how we can be heard & seen on Presentation: 02- The Mission

Start with signing your support for this petition to “repeal” Their Money Maker – The 27th… help Alabama become the “First” and others will follow.  Alabama’s Federal Congressional Payroll Reform”  

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