Dec 222013

With you joining ‘WeThePeople’… we will determine collectively our demands, our paths, our changes and most of all… bring our government back in line with the definition of “WORK”.

Why should ‘WeThePeople” of this great nation show up to be productive, clock in, clock out with productivity being the measure of our worth.  Yet… our employed Leaders & Law Makers don’t have to?  Horseplay has been replaced by the word “Complicated”.

Fact or Fiction?

You horseplay at work (Filibuster)… you face the possibility of punitive action.

You fail to meet or push deadlines further and further out… you face the possibility of punitive action.

More to come…

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  2 Responses to “Power Is People…”

  1. Ooooo-raaah, Sir!

  2. I like it and fully believe this can work. We just have to get the word out and find committed people who care about our country.

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